Material Innovation: Packaging Design


What is the difference between packaging we want to throw away versus packaging we want to keep? How do online shoppers take packaging into account, most of whom never actually see the packaging until after they’ve purchased and received the product in the mail? And is there a way to eliminate packaging altogether?

Material Innovation: Packaging Design is the third book in a ten-book series that explores the ever-changing landscape of design.Divided into three case study section (“Functional Forms,” “Dispensing Systems,” and “Interactive”), Material Innovation: Packaging Design asks these key questions that are currently shaping the package design industry. Written by Andrew H. Dent and Leslie Sherr, a material science consultant and a design consultant, it explores how innovations in retail, materials, design, and marketing currently affect packaging—and how the latest advances in consumer product packaging have the potential to succeed or fail in our digital world.

Projects are covered extensively, complete with illustrated materials and detailed information on over 100 materials. The book takes a close, scrutinizing look at such projects as plantable packaging that emerges as a plant when buried in soil, bottle labels that react to music, a compostable champagne case, and even edible skins on balls of frozen yogurt. Without a doubt, student and professional designers alike should consider this as the next addition to their bookshelves.