What beautiful packaging for a tea that comes from one of the best places to cultivate it. Designed by Ramin Nasibov, the delicacy of the herbal beverage is portrayed through an exotic flower that blooms vibrantly against a white background. 

"Its main goal in developing its corporate identity was the creation of a unique logo and an unusual package. Translated from Japanese Fohatsu means 4 hearts. The name shows both that these herbs are good for your health and that they are grown with love. To emphasize this name and its Japanese origin, I designed a sign which is easy to remember and which is composed of four hearts and has the form of a unique Japanese hieroglyph. After that, I started to design the packages where I tried my best to follow three basic rules. The rules say that a package design must be simple, bright and original. For each sort of tea a unique package was designed which has its own color scheme."


Designed by Ramin Nasibov

Country: Germany