Monte Xanic

You could easily fill up a wine rack with only wines from Monte Xanic. Anagrama developed new branding and packaging for the winery, focusing on four different varieties that each needed their own identity.

“Monte Xanic is a Mexican winery located near Valle Guadalupe, Baja California, Mexico operating since 1989. The project is based on the creation of unique identities for the following brands: Monte Xanic, Calixa, Gran Ricardo and Limited Editions. Since each of these brands possess a unique flavour and personality, they share a brand system that can represent individually all of the ideas, objectives and messages.”

Although each wine brand has its own one-of-a-kind approach, Monte Xanic wines all possess a refined, upscale vibe. Full of unique charisma, each one sets a mood with fiery colors and a choice font that run the spectrum of fun and playful to formal and sophisticated.

“The proposed icon for this project bolsters the concept of Monte Xanic (which translates into: ‘Flower born after the first rain’). The icon presents a flower, a drop and a crown of parra leaves. The color palette conveys a feeling of warmth, and reminds the viewer of landscape beauty in which the grapes are cultivated. Finally, the typographic treatment evokes a sense of contemporary belonging to a brand that already denoted tradition and experience.”


Designed by Anagrama

Country: Mexico

City: Mexico City