Oliva Sasoia

Truly delicious olive oil is a luxurious treat, and even a few drops can be full of flavor. Oliva Sasoia is a unique olive oil, since it comes from soil with specific characteristics in Argentina. MontangieDG designed the packaging for the oil, using the oil and a simple teardrop shape to make it instantly stand out.

“While not competing presentations, it require an identity that reflects their origin and quality. So MontangieDG worked on the development of its brand, which makes direct reference to the raw material, and using a robust, strong typography, as indicated by the sasoia word (referring to the term ‘Sasoi,’ ‘strength’ in Basque) but delicate serif. Tags are built based on a drop markedly, whose continuous sense of falling, it gives dynamism and clear reading descending order.”

Putting a teardrop cutout into the black label allows the faded green hue of the oil pop, and the single drop gets buyers quickly thinking of what they could use the olive oil for – dipping in bread, cooking, salad dressings, and more. It’s a simple shape that evokes an incredibly tangible response. The lower half of the label is kept simple and clean, making the bottle a beautiful addition to any pantry. Small olive branch leaves sprout from the brand name, letting customers know that Oliva Sasoia is created with consideration to the quality of the olives used in production.


Designed by MontangieDG

Country: Argentina