Ochakovsky Kvass

While I’ve experienced my fair share of freezing cold winters, I doubt I’ve ever experienced anything like a Russian winter. Believe it or not, though, Russians love the winter and all that it brings with it, both good and bad. They also make sure to have delicious drinks on hand to stay warm, like kvass, a fermented grain drink. In the kvass segment in Russia, Ochakovo is definitely the market leader, using only natural ingredients and the classical technology of fermentation. For the holidays, they asked DDVB to design a limited edition winter series of kvass that could become a good choice for outdoor activities and also for people who simply want to quench their thirst with a tasty beverage.

“The challenge was to develop a seasonal packaging design, that maintains the basic elements of the visual image of the brand and gives it a special winter mood.”

“Despite the fact that winter in Russia is a six month-long season and snowstorms and cold are the source of many jokes, we always look forward to this magical and beloved season. Winter for us is the time of joy, celebrations and outdoor activity. And it’s no wonder that more than 100 venues have been opened in Moscow. There you can have a great time with your family or friends - sledding, skating and skiing, playing snowballs, making a snowman. In this special winter design of kvass we decided to reflect the ‘centre of attraction’ of active and positive people. So, very bright cartoon characters appeared around the ‘O’ letter, that has become the main ‘Ochakovo’ element. All of those characters united with common winter mood and fun. You can see someone skiing or sledding, some girl, that drawing beautiful pattern with her ice skaters, or you can see a noisy children with red cheeks, that playing snowballs.”


Designed by DDVB

Country: Russia

City: Moscow