MR Jamie Stevens

Simple and sophisticated, MR haircare exudes confident style. The line is designed specifically for men hoping to make their hair fuller while also meeting their regular haircare needs with shampoo, conditioner, sprays, and more.

“MR is a new men’s haircare range by Jamie Stevens – hairdresser-in-residence for the X Factor and four times nominee for British Hairdresser of the Year. Unlike other celebrity ranges, MR features innovative thickening technology able to deliver fuller and thicker looking hair for men concerned about thinning.”

B&B Studio designed the identity and packaging with a view to communicating results without sacrificing style. Pared back and minimal, the packaging possesses all the clean sophistication of good men’s grooming, while the identity makes use of a capital M to create a manly and ownable icon.”

Although MR does have a bit of masculine energy, it focuses more on the high-end aspect of the products. Its minimal approach can appeal to a wide audience, and also allows buyers to embrace their own personal style when using the products. The packaging is primarily black, with a little bit of white and a splash of blue, giving it a more upscale vibe. A circle over the capital M creates an image of a strong, self-assured man — qualities that someone with thinning hair will certainly want to attain.


Designed by B&B Studio

Country: United Kingdom

City: London