Johnny Doodle!

“The name is Doodle. Johnny Doodle!”

Meet Johnny: an entrepreneur and (more importantly) a lover of chocolate and fudge. Johnny is the poster child for this bold and brave brand from The Netherlands. The fudge company embraces a true and independent spirit that is communicated clearly on all of their packaging, encouraging people to be as bright and unabashed as Johnny.

“Johnny has come alive, and speaks-up and preaches what he stands for: that we’re born to be real! Life is too short so wake up! Please be imperfect. Always ask silly questions. Get lost. And be your own limited edition.”

“This rookie brand easily fits with the bigger social critical movement in which consumers want better, more tasteful and honest food (footprint/ sustainability/ global warming). ‘Tell me what it is and where it’s from.’ It’s everyone’s responsibility to stand up for a better world.”

Designed by Brandnew, Johnny Doodle! has a fresh and youthful attitude that communicates a bold-tasting, delicious product. Sayings, like “All you need is...fudge” and “Home is where the fudge is” give the brand a quirky, funny personality that instantly intrigues buyers. The handwritten fonts are well-suited for a brand that aims to provide “honest” food, making each package of fudge feel one-of-a-kind.

“The brand identity and logo represent a retro megaphone (an old-fashioned roeptoeter). That’s Johnny’s instrument to speak up. Or better: to shout out loud! It is coloured and crafted with detail and character. On pack Johnny addresses some daily issues with irresistible, daring and comical quotes. All handwritten though, simple and like a vintage pamphlet.”


Designed by Brandnew

Client: Candy Store

Country: The Netherlands

City: Amsterdam