GLUTENEX Gluten-Free Products

A gluten-free diet doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice good taste and treating yourself. These gluten-free treats from GLUTENEX look downright mouthwatering while embracing a simple and clean approach.

Designed by about ad, GLUTENEX uses vibrant, real images of the foods on the cover with a stark white background. Pastel colors highlight the edges and sides of the packaging, and also appear as text and doodles surrounding the food photos. GLUTENEX allows the images to really attract the buyer and keeps the rest of its appearance simple and clean, indicative of the healthy and pure ingredients used in their products.

“Glutenex is a Polish company that produces gluten-free products. After 18 years of existence on the european market, the company decided to change their logo and whole set of packaging (over 250 products). The aim was to develop a packaging concept that will stand out from competitors' products. Light, fresh, clean, simple and original. After that, the client decided to improve the recipe of all the products, thereby improving their quality. Now, with new visual identity and first series of new packaging, they are stepping on another level, retargeting and changing their marketing activities.”


Designed by about ad

Client: Glutenex

Country: Poland