Coca- Cola's Limited Edition Bow Label Bottles

For the Coke lover in your life, get them a pack of Coca-Cola's Limited Edition decorative bow bottles. Originally released in 2013, each 1.75-liter bottle has a special label that consumers can peel to reveal a tab that, when pulled, transforms the once ordinary packaging into an extraordinarily decorative bow. If you're looking for something a little more premium, Coca-Cola has released 1-liter glass bottles with all the trimmings. These novelty gifts are a great way to spread some holiday cheer over Christmas dinner. So grab a coke and open happiness.  


Coca-Cola Enterprises director of operational marketing Caroline Cater said: “Christmas is the most popular calendar moment of the year, and as soft drinks is the most frequently bought category during the festive season, its vital we help retailers make the most of the opportunity and offer exciting national campaigns to boost sales.

“In line with this, our new festive format will be backed by a substantial marketing spend, which includes our ‘Give a Little Happiness’ advert to further increase visibility over the holiday season. We’d therefore recommended retailers stay stocked up on our Coca-Cola range to capitalise on the occasion.”