It seems kind of unusual to describe something that is not in motion as fast, but one look at the new IGNITE running shoes from Puma and it kind of makes sense. With the fastest man in the world as inspiration, Everyone Associates created packaging that captures the essence of movement without going anywhere at all.

“To accompany the global launch of the new Puma IGNITE running shoe in Times Square, New York, we were asked to create a piece of bespoke packaging to be sent out to 1,200 influential bloggers and select press. The solution had to be impactful and capture the dynamic nature of the new shoes and the hero of the launch campaign; the world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt.

As the hinged lid is opened, a hidden lift mechanism raises the shoes and a bespoke USB into position against a backdrop of Bolt sprinting through an urban landscape. Inspired by the vibrant colourway and materials of the launch shoe, the packaging features flourescent graphics, matt finishes, contrasting high gloss varnishes and metallic foils.”

The vibrant colors reflect off the glossy varnishes and metallic accents as the lid is opened, giving the feeling of something speeding by. The shoes literally lift up out of the box, an impressive effect that builds anticipation and excitement about the product. Neon colors feel edgy and modern and also mimic the sensation of lights whirring past, similar to the image of Usain Bolt in the background. For a special release, the packaging does an amazing job at making the experience unique and memorable for each and every customer, turning the simple act of opening a box with a new pair of shoes into something we’ve not ever seen before.


Designed by Everyone Associates

Client: Puma

Country: United Kingdom

City: London