Pastor Winery's Wine with Screw Cap

I have a confession to make: I definitely judge a wine by its label. As someone who isn’t terribly picky about the wine I drink, labels are a big lure for me. And it turns out that tiny details definitely have a significant impact, such as this label for the line of wines from Pastor Winery. Designed by kissmiklos, the label takes inspiration from our clothing to stand out. A little piece of the label sticks out on the side, similar to a tag on your shirt or pants, and it is a small addition that makes a surprisingly big difference.

The line includes a rosé, riesling, and more, and each bottle is similar, with grape leaves scaling up the label. A coordinating color matches to each wine variety, which is also the main color of the small “tag” that sticks out on the side. Pastor Winery’s wines have a bold and modern approach, emphasized by the large sans serif font on the label and the crisp, white screw cap.


Designed by kissmiklos

Country: Hungary

City: Budapest