Cerveza Buscapleitos

Buscapleitos beer is jam-packed with attitude and certainly not intended for the faint of heart. While refined, the beer makes a statement with bold, strong graphics and a dark, strong color palette. Designed by Mexico-based agency Tandem, the beer uses fierce and recognizable icons to help craft its image, including a clever way to carry a six-pack.

“Buscapleitos is an artisanal beer brand made in Mexico City since 2013. Its name is inspired in the character of the classic English gentleman: strong, sophisticated and temperamental - just like its flavor.”

“Based on the personality and strong flavors of Buscapleitos' four brews, different icons were created to represent each of them, along with a color palette and a graphic style that are elegant, but never shy.”

“To make the Buscapleitos' experience even more intense, a box was designed for their six-pack format, which gives their consumers the opportunity to feel with their own hands what Buscapleitos' creators want to provoke with each of their products: the need to be involved in a bar-fight, just after enjoying a really great beer.”


Designed by Tandem

Country: Mexico

City: Monterre