Candle Belle

If you’re wanting to add a few candles to your collection at home, then have a look at Candle Belle. The soy wax candles come in 55 delightful and dreamy fragrances, like Summer Berry Blast, Orange Dreamsicle, Spice Bazzar, and Key Lime Pie. Alan Cheetham created an identity and packaging to display these absolutely irresistible scents and also emphasize the luxury of the brand.

A beautiful and elegant lettering creates the Candle Belle brand name, appearing both on the lids as well as the label. The handwritten style indicates the brand’s dedication to quality candles crafted in small batches. Colors of slightly different tints and shades from the candle color appear on the label, alongside a crisp white and shining silver. Overall, the label is sleek and sophisticated, making it a lovely addition to any room of someone’s home. The unique and daring scents stand out with a bright hue, adding in an element of daring personality.


Designed by Alan Cheetham

Country: United Kingdom