BeeFree Gluten Free Bakery

Be free and liberated from junk food. BeeFree Gluten Free Bakery is changing the way we snack, providing gluten free and grain free fuel that is clean and good for you. Elyse Myers Design rebranded and created new packaging for BeeFree, fine-tuning the brand and making it more accessible to its customers. The tear-open pouches feature refreshing and inspirational words and sayings such as “Life’s a treat,” “freedom,” and “passion,” and even include names of the BeeFree family, making the brand feel-good and personal.

“In early 2015, BeeFree Gluten Free bakery came to me for a full rebrand including packaging. They wanted to simplify their logo and really have their brand tell their story. I wanted the packaging to reflect the personality of the brand and appeal to their target market of health-conscious people and families.”

“A list of ‘brand words and phrases’ were developed and I had a friend illustrate the words and they are a special feature of the packaging. The packaging and logo represents the ‘warrior’ spirit of the brand and there are small details that reflect the owners' story, including incorporating the names of their four boys into the names of the flavors.”


Designed by Elyse Myers Design

Country: United States