Papa Palheta Brand Experience Kit

Get your caffeine fix right here, although Papa Palheta goes beyond the typical coffee shop offerings—it is heaven for coffee lovers everywhere. The independent coffee boutique specializes in roasting specialty coffee in Singapore and Malaysia, and through their unique brewing and roasting techniques they aim to create the best coffee possible. But if you wish, they also sell coffee making equipment, accessories and maintenance tools and even hold workshops to help enthusiasts and professionals perfect their coffee making skills. Their new kit, designed by Foreign Policy, is a standout. Flashes of neon hues, geometric accents, easy-to-comprehend material, and, most importantly, the materials actually bring customers closer to the coffee.

“Taking their brand further to provide better user experience even online, the Papa Palheta Experience Kit is designed to reflect their philosophy of having strong coffee roots down to sustainability. With meticulous consideration of the sensory elements within the kit, a card printed on recycled pulp paper made with blended coffee chaff (an underused by-product of roasting coffee) prompts the user to repurpose it whether as a bookmark or thank-you card.”

“Add-on inserts like a coffee connoisseur’s tasting notes record sheet; informative brewing guide that suggests the golden water-to-coffee ratio and a cake recipe card to create the perfect pairing with coffee, encourage the coffee drinker to explore the growing coffee culture. In contrast with the earth-tones of the paper stock, the color scheme of florescent orange and cobalt blue provides the pop of color, enlivening the common brown packaging of coffee.”


Designed by Foreign Policy

Country: Singapore