Café Bristol

If you’re looking for an absolutely divine and luxurious place to stop and grab a cup of coffee, then consider hopping on a plane to Poland to discover the old iconic café in Warsaw’s Hotel Bristol. Sure, it might be a little further than your corner coffeeshop, but it will be well worth the trip. LΛNGE & LΛNGE created the branding and packaging for Café Bristol, an unapologetically bold and extravagant-feeling place with a long history.

The café oozes opulence, relying on a rich purple and shining gold that appears in their brand identity, promotional materials, and even in the café’s cups and saucers. Marble also emphasizes the brand’s affluence, a material that is a sight to behold by itself. Although it is instantly eye-catching, Café Bristol does not use any kind of graphics in addition to the purple and gold; instead, it is simple, straightforward, and elegant. This lets the impeccably crafted truffles, desserts, and coffees to become part of the branding as well. They breathe a bit more life into Café Bristol, and since the branding does not detract from these well-crafted items, it is part of the lure for visitors.


Designed by LΛNGE & LΛNGE

Country: Poland