Fiasco Gelato

Excited for the Holidays as much as we are? Bust out your fluffy blanket and cozy up by the fire with Fiasco Gelato's hot chocolate. If you're in the mood for a frozen treat, why not go for a classic eggnog ice cream in a mason jar? 

"The first glance is our first hello, an introduction to try something new, something stimulating. For Fiasco Gelato, our packaging is more than a simple container, it is something that helps to tell our story and communicate the handmade quality of what we do. At Fiasco much of our success stems from the support of our customers who share the same values as us; artisans handcrafted work that is filled with love, passion, and creativity. Each and every one of our products are made with diligence, understanding of our customer needs, extraordinary attention to detail, which naturally makes packaging part of Fiasco’s DNA; to help share who we are."

"Fiasco Gelato is a premium artisan gelatiere based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Our Gelato and Sorbetto is created with fresh, local milk, cane sugar and seasonal fruits, making it a smoother, more flavorful product with less air, sugar and 1/3 of the fat of traditional ice cream. This year our Holiday Collection consisted of four Holiday flavors; Classic Eggnog, a true taste of the Holiday season, our house-made eggnog, with organic nutmeg is perfection, in our opinion! Chocolate Peppermint, using a rich dutch cocoa and fresh mint, this flavour really is the best way to indulge. Sticky Ginger Pudding, made with our freshly baked ginger spice cake, then drizzled with our famous, house-made caramel, you really can’t go wrong. Sugar Plum & Pear Sorbetto, sweet plums, and poached pears, make this dairy-free sorbetto incredibly light and refreshing."

"Timeless mason jars are perfect for continuing to showcase our handcrafted philosophy. They allow us to share the true beauty and hard work that’s put inside them. Our rich ingredients with no added color, show the passion in each hand-packed pint. The twist-off lids on these reusable jars preserve freshness while also aligning with our core values and devotion to the environment. 

Carrying over our traditional fonts, colors, and clean labels, we continually stay true to our identity, regardless of the limited time offer assortment. To celebrate the season, we intertwined the wool-like sweater pattern, in our designs to make our limited holiday assortment, one-of-a-kind. This is also the first collection using a printed glass, making the jars something you can collect, and hold on to forever. This is the time of the year that is about giving and sharing."

"Simple and honest, the backbone to creating a design that would bring us all back in time - a classic milk carton. Milk is the key ingredient to our passion, customers were able to pick up the milk carton filled with our salted caramel drinking chocolate and homemade mallows to compliment their Gelato. We take pride in knowing that giving a gift this unique is giving a gift of pure comfort and luxury, which paves the way to creating new holiday memories around the fireplace and in the kitchen. Incorporating our cityscape design is a reminder that Calgary is home for Fiasco, and we have this city to thank for where we are today. Our Drinking Chocolates make for a perfect gift to sit back and cozy up with. The drinking chocolate powder is made with the finest dutch cocoa, and our secret ingredient, caramel dust, made by burning sugar then blending it till it turns to dust. This makes each cup of Drinking Chocolate just a little richer and a whole lot sweeter. Then with the addition of our house-made Mallows, which come in either Bourbon Vanilla Bean, Salted Caramel, Toasted Coconut or Coffee. 

We've handpicked an array of gift sets for everyone on your list, and if you don't see what you're looking for, our team will help you build your own through our gift concierge! And did we mention we'll deliver to your special someone's home or office?"


Designer: Marc Rimmer

Photos by: Fiasco Gelato

Designed by Fiasco Gelato

Country: Canada