Did you know the robusta coffee beans have double the amount of caffeine and more antioxidants than arabica coffee beans? When you come across a brand of coffee that is simply named “Robusto” you can pretty much assume that pot of coffee will be strong and hardy.

The Berlin design firm TREU was presented with developing a brand identity for Robusto’s line of packaged coffee beans. Their concept was to create packaging that was as simple as the coffee itself - black and strong. The beans come in a glossy black bag with all the product’s messaging in a high contrast white. Sitting at the top of the package is the typeset Robusto logo mark. The logo is framed within a white block with a strong pointed end leading the consumer's eyes down to the messaging. Although the messaging is brief, it sums the product up in three words: “Strong Untraditional Black.”

“We have tasted a lot of different beans and roasts, the result was the stronger *robusta bean* which *brings* us back the taste of traditional coffee.”

At first glance the entire design appears to be created in a simple black and white color palette, but peeking out from the side is a single spot of bright orange. The orange pop is a small warning symbol, letting the consumer know they are about to purchase a bag of “Strong Coffee.” Possibly this detail is added for the non-English speaking demographic because it seems pretty apparent to me from the minimal amount of copy on the rest of the packaging that this is STRONG stuff. Be ready for a rich, full bodied and robust experience when you crack into this package of coffee beans.


Designed by TREU

Client: Robusto Berlin

Country: Germany