Martell Cordon Bleu

Havana Club Unión is the latest ultra-prestige product in the Havana Club Icónica Collection, and the beautiful packaging design for Martell Cordon Bleu is sweeping up the design awards. The team at the UK-based Nude Brand Creation are the talent behind the design work. Having worked with Havana Club for seven years they
have an intimate understanding of the brand and it shows in their work. The bottle’s design perfectly conveys the authentic, timeless style of the 300-year-old brand. 

There is a unique concept behind Martell Cordon Bleu. As Cuban rum is know for being one of the world’s most revered luxuries, so are Cuban cigars. A partnership was made to create a rum that would perfectly complement a classic Cohiba Siglo V1 cigar. And, with such a marriage of opulence, the design work needed to exude affluence. 

“Our seven year association with Havana Club has given us a profound understanding of the heritage and provenance of Cuban rum. With Havana Club Unión we sought to convey that through association with another product that shares its heritage, provenance and sense of luxury: Cuban cigars.” 

With an elegantly tapered bottle shape, and clean regal design, this brand exudes luxury. Running down the neck of the bottle is a royal blue ribbon which intersects with an authenticity seal that has the brand’s crest embossed within it. The amber shade of the Cuban rum is a beautiful, complementary color to the royal blue shades being used throughout the label and ribbon. 

“The work involved Asbel preparing different blends of rare rum reserves before the pair selected and adjusted them to form a final blend that perfectly matches the beautifully smooth and powerful flavour of the classic Cohiba Siglo VI cigar. An exceptional premium rum with an impressive deep amber glow, Havana Club Unión is bottled at 40% ABV.” 

The label itself features a subtle and unique diecut shape that highlights the word “Cognac.” Gold details are used throughout the label design, with the entire border trimmed in the color and the Martell crest stamped in it. Sitting at the top of the design is a stylized sparrow illustration, and sitting down towards the bottom is the signature of the product’s creator. The typography throughout is a masterful balance of different font styles that together create a polished presentation. 

It’s easy to see how two International Spirits Challenge awards were bestowed on this project. The team at Nude sure know how to launch a high-end spirit into the market with an elegant bang!


Designed by Nude Brand Creation

Country: United Kingdom