Concepts We Wish Were Real

What better way to unwind after a hard days work than with this week's Concepts We Wish Were Real.

Sweets of the World


Sugar addicts get a load of this! A box filled with every sugary snack you can think of. Conceptualized by Onefold Studio, this gift package allows the consumer to taste desserts from around the word. Neatly tucked inside a black cardboard box, cookies, pastries, and chocolate are represented through illustrations and quirky typography. 

"'Sweet of the World' is a packaging concept which combines several sweets from different countries in one gift package. Sweet of the World promotes new tastes from cultures from all around the world."

Designed by Onefold Studio

Country: Netherlands


Victoria Cosmetics



Whimsical and luxurious is how this cosmetic line can be described. Designed by Charlotte Day, hand creams, soaps and other skincare products are wrapped in a bouquet of botanical illustrations. Inspired by the Victorian Era, the design sticks to a dark palette, floral print, along with a monogram that combines a modern design aesthetic with a more traditional one.

"Victoria is a luxury cosmetics range which capture the classic scents of Magnolia, Lavender and Rose. For use on an extensive range ladies toiletry products it was a requirement of the compositions be adaptable for use across a number of packaging options. The designs also needed to incorporate traditional illustrative elements with a sophisticated modern look."

Illustrations: Charlotte Day

Branding & Design: Levente Toth

Country: United Kingdom


Speedo Kids Packaging 


What better way to get kids excited about swimming than with swimming gear in cool packaging. A story is built upon these underwater characters that house athletic gear inside them. Every detail is considered in this concept to create an experience for kids like no other.

"Objective: Research a sports brand and create a set of packaging, shopping bags and hang tags for a few of their existing products. 
Approach: Speedo has always been known for their technical achievements and professional swimwear. When I discovered they had a line for kids who are just starting to learn how to swim I wanted to give them a more light-hearted look. I created fun packaging inspired by sea creatures with the idea that kids can not only enjoy the
products, but also play with the boxes themselves."

Designed by Laia Pose Gratacos

Instructor: Kathrin Blatter




Go back to basics with handmade soap made from all natural ingredients. Conceptualized byMarta Chmielarz (MARTSON) and GO4MEDIA, soaps are wrapped in paper sleeves, illustrated with the brand's mascot. "We created branding and naming with packaging concept for natural, hand-made soaps. Manufacturer was to make them of goat milk, with addition of natural ingredients. Hand-drawn goat, friendly logo and natural colours are making a pleasing and consistent form."

Designed by Marta Chmielarz (MARTSON) and GO4MEDIA

Country: Poland


Livo Repellent


Livo is a repellent packaging line of personal care conducted in an academic project. The target audience was focused on people who like to be in touch with nature, park, beach, camping or perform a track, but do not forego the comfort of using products for their protection. 
The project differential is the strap for easy transport and hang on the backpack. Thus, the project follows in curved shapes and a hole where the very bracelet is tied. 

"As a principle of differentiation, tried to convey a unit in the packaging line, differing only products by color and graphics leaving a clean and especially a shelf product. 

As a general goal, our north is the sophistication and artistic quality to emphasize your style, exclusivity and differentiation of design and excellence in obtaining an attractive product that conveys confidence and protection to the user."

Designed by Jairo Arruda / Graziela Pasqual

Render: Fipile Consoni

Country: Brazil


It may be hard to believe, but table tennis – or Ping-Pong – is the worlds second largest participant sport right after soccer. While it is a major competitive sport in Asia and some parts of Europe, it is mostly a recreational sport in the rest of the world. 
Ever since the sport started to gain popularity in the western parts of the world in the early 70s, STIGA has been one of the, if not the biggest manufacturer of gear, both for the professional and hobby market.

However, while they have managed to maintain a professional and updated design for their pro line, the recreational gear has been conservative in look and appearance for years and is now looking completely out of date if they want to sell to their biggest audience: kids, college students and young adults. Luckily for STIGA, their competitors looks just as out of date, but it is now a question of time before a smaller and more daring brand becomes the preferable choice for the new generation of Ping-Pong players. "What I wanted to create was a more appealing packaging for the younger target audience. I wanted to emphasize the playfulness of the sport with bright colors, bold typography and a playful tone of voice, whilst remaining a “less is more” and modern overall visual look."

Designed by Erik Berger Vaage

Country: United States