Stumbro STARKA

A new brand is born, with all the cues usually associated with the arrival of a little bundle. Starka is a traditional dry vodka distilled from rye grain, currently produced only in Poland and Lithuania. According to the tradition, Lithuanian men would make Starka on the birth of their first son to celebrate the stork's delivery. Using apples to wish richness and pears for a long life, the vodka would wait patiently for the son's wedding day in the family oak barrel.

This beautiful tradition has been used by Studija CREATA to inspire their work for Stumbro Starka. Talking about the design, the designers say “For the revamp of Stumbro Starka, we wanted to blow the dust off this interesting and rich beverage. Our goal is for Starka to be known as the unique Lithuanian beverage that it is – one that you should be proud of treating guests to or bringing as a gift.”

The attention to details on this bottle is fantastic: from the new, uniquely-shaped, dark glass bottle adorned with raised calligraphy and the rich label which tells the legend of the beverage, to the bottle stopper decorated with an oak leaf wreath. 

“By retaining the black, white and red color scheme of the earlier Stumbro Starka, we wanted to create a gentle but intense look to give this an impressive look that its predecessor may not have had. With both the shape of the bottle and the graphic elements, we strived to create associations which turn the wheel of time back a good century.

As a symbol of recognition, we created the stork character. As the national bird, the stork – sometimes called a ‘starkus’ in Lithuania – helps strengthening the Lithuanian heritage. Caught in the unexpected role of a hospitable innkeeper, the stork became an intriguing and appealing narrator of the story.”


Art director & designer: Asta Kauspedaite

Illustrator: Rimas Valeikis

Product development department manager: Jurate Paulauskiene

Photography: Edgaras Marozas

Designed by Studija CREATA

Client: Stumbras

Country: Lithuania