Patrón en LALIQUE Serie 1

The latest from Patrón and LALIQUE is pure decadence. Introducing Patrón en LALIQUE Serie 1, a project led by Viceroy Creative in New York.

Every batch of Patrón tequila is given the utmost care, from distillation to bottling in the heart of Mexico. This process requires time, skill, and attentiveness, not unlike the creation of a LALIQUE decanter. Both products are works of art, and Viceroy strategized, ideated, selected, curated, and designed this unique partnership between two brands aiming for the highest level of craftsmanship in their work.

“The art of Patrón, the newest creativity inspired expression of the brand, features a partnership with historical French crystal maker LALIQUE. Viceroy brought these two brands together to create a truly beautiful collaboration featuring a one-of-a-kind art piece holding the rarest, oldest blend of Patrón, tequila.”

“LALIQUE is the ultimate symbol of French luxury and one of the most daring of lifestyle brands. With a focus on creating distinctive objects and introducing limited edition works of art, they continue to push the limits while consistently reinvigorating the brand’s cultural heritage. LALIQUE’s continued focus on craftsmanship, quality and exclusivity has resulted in a large brand following of avid collectors.”

“Our concept: a synthesis of flavors, of cultures. A surprise that leads to greatness. To perfection. The story of Patrón en LALIQUE Serie 1 is about fusion. A collision of tradition. Traditions of hand craftsmanship,quality, authenticity and provenance.”

“Both brands are desired around the world, and together, through a fusion of culture, where traditions meet and are reinvigorated, can create something totally unique and luxury. The floral agave patterned crystal decanter with an amber-colored piña shaped stopper sits in a leather and moonstone box. A package inspired by heritage, utilizing materials from Mexico and French design cues, the box includes a booklet and video featuring the brand story.”


Designed by: Viceroy Creative

Country: United States

City: New York, NY