Kate & Leo Cuisine

Kate & Leo Cuisine is food made especially for you. Taking great care in every step of creating their foods, Sevilya Nariman-qizi Ibrahim has designed the brand to reflect the craftsmanship that goes into each product.

“A project of a young family that combines a love of cooking and the desire to create beautiful and healthy foods every day. Using your favorite recipes, Kate & Leo Cuisine creates for you homemade jams with seasonal fruits and berries, fruit nut bars and crunchy granola. Individual recipes, high-quality and environmentally-friendly products grown personally or purchased from reliable suppliers: make products not only delicious but also really useful. Produced with family care and attention to every detail.”

Earthy colors and finely drawn illustrations immediately express the purity of everything used in Kate & Leo Cuisine. Delicate and filled with wholesome ingredients, flavorful offerings like fruit spreads and snack bars will make your mouth water. Kate & Leo appears traditional and quaint, like something you might see at a specialty foods store or even in a farmer’s market. Using wooden accents in the branding along with brown packaging emphasizes a rustic quality about the brand.


Designed by Sevilya Nariman-qizi Ibrahim

Country: Ukraine