Kuglóf Café

What an adorable design for this little cafe! Instead of focusing on the delicious foods Kuglóf Café offers, Diana Ghyczy captured the spirit of the establishment and the sweet, loving relationships it nurtures. The result feels comfortable and cozy, allowing customers to feel right at home every time they visit.

“The Kuglóf word means bundt cake in Hungarian, which was a very popular dessert from the 1800's. It was baked in a metal form usually with raisins and cocoa. The Kuglóf café, bakery and kitchen is a cute place in the downtown of Budapest near the Danube. It's worth to taste their homemade cakes, whenever you want, because it's open from breakfast till dinner.”

Simple illustrations show what many do at a cafe — sit together and share wine or flip through a newspaper. The same style appears on certain food packaging, keeping the brand consistent and its items recognizable. The black, white, and a splash of blue keep things simple and understated, letting each person to have a customized experience based on their own preferences. Focusing on emotions, this hooks visitors and gives them a personal connection to Kuglóf Café, enticing them to return again and again.

“What I liked in this task that the customer asked me to grab the mood about cafe. So this is how came the idea to draw a couple, who spend their breakfast and their dinner in Kuglóf as well. I made packaging for their own creams, pastries and of course for my favourite one: the bundt cake.”


Designed by Diana Ghyczy

Country: Hungary

City: Budapest