We want quick and convenient, and we want fresh and healthy. Why can’t these two coexist? Yarmarka was asking themselves the exact same thing, wanting to give customers grains they can trust but also make the product easy to cook.

:OTVETDESIGN together with ‘Yarmarka’ Trading House change the terms. The agency created a brand new packaging for grains in cooking bags which clearly states the quality of the product.”

“These days people are having mixed feelings about grains in cooking bags. On the one hand, bags are quick and user-friendly but, on the other hand, a customer has no chance to assess their quality: specks and spots, fragmented kernels, color and smell. For this reason the most people prefer grains in a traditional package which they can feel, see and assess.”

“The major advantage of ‘Yarmarka’ Trading House is a total control over the production process. Before packaging the grains come through five cleaning steps. To show that everything is clean and clear there we placed a graphic drawing of a bag combined with the real image of grain. A pattern made of the smoothly spooned grain in the background underlines the quality of the product where not a grain out of place. We put infographics about how to cook grains in a right way on the front side of the packaging and, thus, united two main benefits for a customer – quality and ease of cooking.”

Yarmarka clearly wants to earn the trust of the buyer, first and foremost. They present a clean and clear package design that reassures consumers of the quality of the grain. By providing easy-to-understand infographics and directions on how to cook, Yarmarka cares about providing the best possible experience for those interested in buying their product.

“As the result we achieved the main targets of the brand by showing that grains in cooking bags can be trustworthy. And what is cooked fast can be delish and of high quality. After all, ‘Yarmarka’ means grains of a clear quality.”


Designed by: :OTVETDESIGN

Country: Russia

City: St. Petersburg