Archie Rose Tailored Spirits

Traditional spirits, meet the age of phone apps. Archie Rose Tailored Spirits is the future of customized liquor, offering a truly unique experience for the user to create the exact spirit that he or she wants.

Squad Ink has created a world first where everyday spirit lovers have the ability to customise their own single bottle of vodka and gin or cask of whisky all from their phone. They even get their name on the bottle.”

“We’d been working with Archie Rose Distilling Co. for almost 2 years leading up to it’s launch in Rosebery, Sydney, so we knew everything there was to know about their incredible operation. During a workshop we floated the idea, ‘What if you could customise your own spirit online?’ Will Edwards (Founder), pretty much said ‘Yep, we can make this happen.’ We had been following the craft craze with Sydney-siders getting right behind hands on projects like, cheese making, producing their own honey and even beer. This was just the beginning but it was time to take it online and offer a unique consumer experience, available to anyone, anywhere, anytime.”

Archie Rose Tailored Spirits successfully mixes a traditional look with a forward-thinking, tech-run business. Each large bottle features a black and grey label, the name written in a serif font. A cork stopper seals the bottle, and a sticker adds fine details and also ensures quality. The packaging feels like an aged spirit you might pull from the depths of the liquor cabinet, and this bit of nostalgia is juxtaposed with the modern process buyers go through to get it.

“The Tailored Spirits range is a truly bespoke, one-of-a-kind offering, so Squad Ink created packaging worthy of the title. We were given the green light to go all out, so we produced stunning foiled stamped labels, that feature your customised spirit specifications and even your name on the bottle. We found that people were dying to create spirits for friends so you can now add a lucky mate’s name to the bottle.”


Designed by: Squad Ink

Country: Australia

City: Sydney