Bronuts Donuts

Donuts make the world go round! We can’t get enough of these delightful treats, especially when an engaging and brilliant packaging is included in the mix. With a simple offering of freshly baked donuts and flavorful coffee, Bronuts Donuts provides a qualitative, authentic local food experience in Winnipeg, Canada. With such a bold name, the brand needed “needed to give off a vibe landing in between hipness and approachability, attracting customers from all walks of life.”

The visual brand identity created by One Plus One Design offers a clever response to this brief. 

"Taking a step back from our initial concepts we quickly realized the opportunity the name held, which was not immediately obvious — coffee + donuts are located right in the middle of the company name. Running with this discovery, we engineered a crisp brand identity with a tongue in cheek personality, carefully considering each brand extension. Exterior and interior signage, menu design, individual and group donut packaging were all consistently designed for engaging customer experience.”

Donut let anyone else tell you how exciting this is!


Design/Art Direction: Tyler + Jessie Thiessen 

Package Printing: Georgette Packaging

Photography: Jerry Grajewski

Designed by One Plus One Design

Country: Canada