Pizza Hut® Introduces the Triple Treat Box


Welcome to America, the land of the free and home of the brave, where dreams come true and right now they only cost $19.99. Pizza Hut just announced their Triple Treat Box, which I renamed the "Triple Threat Treat Box", an actual real life tower of pizzas, desserts, sides, and more. #squadgoals

The three pizza boxes that obtain your goodies are tucked inside of a box designed to look like a present wrapped in pizza, cookie, and breadstick pattern wrapping paperWhether Pizza Hut intended for multi-use or not this tower is perfect for holding your computer during "Netflix and chill", using as a desk for studying and eating, and making meals more portable. But beware, this Godly gift is only available while supplies lasts.


Written by Alex Spott

Alex Spott is a writer in Los Angeles currently working at 72andSunny.