Yellow is very effective for attracting attention. It is the color of sunshine, hope, and happiness. This week we explore another round of designs and how they apply the color yellow to their packaging. 

Badger's Bluff

Different spirits and liquor are a wonderful way to get to know a place, its people, and its culture. Soulsight was tasked with creating the identity and design for Badger’s Bluff, an American whiskey that was set specifically to be exported to the land down under.

“Campari U.S.A. wanted to introduce an American whiskey to the Australian market. Soulsight named, branded and designed Badger's Bluff Fresh Cut American Whiskey which brings the lore of the Kentucky backwoods to the Australian market. Its premium design is seeded with elements of character and legend that connote an approachable, yet traditional, American whiskey.”



Super Jay


Combining a warming back-story, an illustrative packaging style, and organic American Pale Ale - Super Jay is born! 

PWW is a strategic design firm based in London and Seattle, and Super Jay is our very own craft beer made from the bottom up. During beer production, the flavour comes first and the brand identity second, and this is what differentiates Super Jay from other craft beers. Super Jay’s brand identity firstly combines character and individuality, with the beer itself following on to match. 



Stoke Beer 

Gold and black are colors quintessentially associated with premium and superior quality. However, these are not often used in the craft beer market - a category usually associated with bright and colourful designs.

McCashin’s Brewery, makers of Stoke Beer, really wanted to stand out in the marketplace and communicate their brand vision: being the leader in the ‘premium craft brewing’. To achieve this, they looked to Plato Creative to reinvigorate the brand, with fresh packaging across the range.




On its own, pure raw honey is such a treat; but paired with cheese? Even better. Zeke Freeman has gained an early appreciation for all things homegrown and has turned his passion into cultivating high-quality honey. Founded in the great state of New York and sourced throughout the United States this fabulous kit of honeys help take that velvety goat cheese or buttery camembert to the next level. 



2015 Yellowstone Limited Edition Bourbon Whiskey

After 105 years apart, the Yellowstone brand is finally reunited with the legendary Beam family. This Limited Edition release is a celebration of the reunion of the brand with the family that started it over a century ago. Only 6,000 bottles have been released – each hand numbered and signed by Master Distiller, Stephen Beam. It’s priced and marketed as a top-shelf, special edition and the dramatic and luxurious package design is an important part of projecting these values. Multiple layers of gold and metallic effects are accomplished by printing on a pearlized substrate and using metallic inks and foil stamping. 



Fine Swine Whiskey

Mighty fine bourbon for whiskey connoisseurs. Fine Swine Whiskey is a premium variety of American-style whiskey created for a market outside of the US. The small-batch bourbon was designed by MARK Studio

“This is a whiskey pulled together from a patchwork history of influences, in-jokes, and muddy adventures. It’s straight bourbon, made the traditional American way, but distilled in Australia. The name itself comes from the owner, who had previously gotten his hands dirty on the family pig farm. For all that, the labels are designed to evoke a premium product, made with care.”



Rustic Ridge

“Everything Tastes Better On The Ridge.” Rugged and tough, Rustic Ridge is changing the way that consumers think about high-quality meats. Jablonski Marketing teamed up with Paweł Skupień to create identity and packaging for this new brand.



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