Kaikoura Sounds

Authenticity is a huge trend in the world of packaging. Capturing the provenance of a product on the graphics is key to drive loyalty by creating a sense of community - of belonging.

When designing the labels for Kaikoura Sounds- a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc from the Marlborough region- agency Voice design took inspiration from the Maori tradition of tā moko. These face and body markings become almost textural in their complexity until a more accurate review reveals the image of the iconic whale, a hallmark of the Kaikoura region.

Anthony Deleo, at Voice design- says: ”The Illustration intends to resonate closely with its namesake’s oceanside township—renowned for music, food, marine life and a ruggedly beautiful coastline. In doing so, the illustration and its story aim to create a strong sense of genuine origin and ‘place’, steering away from the often fictitious and intangible nature of virtual wine brands.”

Love the almost hypnotic design, it really draws into the bottle and into its origins.


Designed by Voice

Country: Australia