Fine Swine Whiskey

Mighty fine bourbon for whiskey connoisseurs. Fine Swine Whiskey is a premium variety of American-style whiskey created for a market outside of the US. The small-batch bourbon was designed by MARK Studio.

“This is a whiskey pulled together from a patchwork history of influences, in-jokes, and muddy adventures. It’s straight bourbon, made the traditional American way, but distilled in Australia. The name itself comes from the owner, who had previously gotten his hands dirty on the family pig farm. For all that, the labels are designed to evoke a premium product, made with care.”

Whiskey lovers will appreciate the special attention that goes into creating Fine Swine, which is reflected in the impeccable label. “Fine Swine” is stamped over a large pot-belly pig, drawn with detail and delicate shading. The contrast between these two details gives Fine Swine an edgy, fresh vibe. Information like the batch number and date are written on the label by hand, elevating product quality and making it an even more unique experience for the consumer. One quick glance and the bottle looks somewhat traditional and typical of other whiskeys, but those little details set it apart.


Designed by MARK Studio

Country: South Africa

City: Cape Town