Badger's Bluff


Different spirits and liquor are a wonderful way to get to know a place, its people, and its culture. Soulsight was tasked with creating the identity and design for Badger’s Bluff, an American whiskey that was set specifically to be exported to the land down under.

“Campari U.S.A. wanted to introduce an American whiskey to the Australian market. Soulsight named, branded and designed Badger's Bluff Fresh Cut American Whiskey which brings the lore of the Kentucky backwoods to the Australian market. Its premium design is seeded with elements of character and legend that connote an approachable, yet traditional, American whiskey.”

A true Kentucky spirit, Badger’s Bluff looks like a bottle to add to the liquor shelf. The beautiful golden hue of the whiskey shimmers behind the main label, which offers consumers a little bit of background information on the drink. “Badger’s Bluff” appears in large letters on the front in a gruff and outdoorsy font. The badger scurrying across the label gives a little humor and even more character to the whiskey, intriguing buyers who are curious to learn more.


Designed by: Soulsight

Country: United States

City: Chicago, IL