Tidal Bay

California dreamin’. This lovely white wine is intended to make you long for the California coast, but is actually produced and sold in Canada. Designed by Chad Michael Studio, drinking of Tidal Bay may get you dreaming of far away places.

“Tidal Bay is a light, refreshing wine that is sold during the months of summer in Nova Scotia. The label encompasses a beach-like vibe that brings a little ‘California’ into the Canadian wine market.”

Tidal Bay’s label looks like something you might see at a beach boardwalk. The font choices as well as the sky blue and crisp white make the wine perfect for a summer day. There are faint blue lines radiating out from the center of the label, giving the impression of sunshine on a bright day. The “Tidal Bay” text has a shadow behind the text which contributes to the sunny beach day concept. Both the front and back labels are diamond-shaped instead of a usual flat, rectangular one, letting buyers know that this wine is a fresh and different choice from traditional wines.


Designed by Chad Michael Studio

Country: United States

City: Dallas, TX