Hamleys Traditionals

The world famous Hamleys of London is the oldest toy shop in the world, selling the finest of children’s toy since 1760. Their epic stores are considered a major tourist attraction in a city full of amazing things to see. In celebration of their 250 years in business Hamleys launched a collection of sustainable heritage toys. The new line of wooden toys would need to have packaging design that would reflect the nostalgia of traditional play within the modern world. 

The creative team at ninety-three design had worked with Hamleys for many years on a variety of projects, and were chosen to bring the new toy collection to life. The team elected to use brown paper for all the packaging in order to reflect the product sustainability of this range of toys. The color palette includes Hamleys brand red, but it’s surprisingly only used as a secondary color with shades of blues and purples taking center stage. The colors have a nice depth to them, they aren’t your usual Crayola box of primaries. And, they are used for both the toy packaging and the wooden toys themselves. 

The product photography on each box has been printed onto a white wrap around label, a detail that creates a great color contrast that highlights the image of the toy. My favorite design element in this packaging is the multi-colored ribbon that is tied around the boxes with a cute logo hang tag attached. The tags are blue, hexagonal in shape and softly rounded on each edge. Each is endorsed with Hamleys logo mark and their unique heritage statement “Since 1760” set in a beautiful gold foil. Together the ribbon and logo tag add a sense of premium gifting to an otherwise simple package. 

For this line of wooden toys Hamleys moved away from conventional plastics, to a more sustainable use of wood. With this change in materials, the ninety three design team had to create packaging that was a balance between nostalgia and modernity. Stacked up on shelves next to bright colored plastics, the heritage toy line will stand out with its stylish and classic art direction.


Designed by ninety three design

Country: United Kingdom

City: London