Steinlager Mid

A full bodied design for a mid strength lager.

Design agency Curious design was commissioned to create the packaging for Steinlager Mid, a new 2.5% lager from one of New Zealand's most iconic and internationally recognized brands.

“Our brief was to develop potent looking imagery that reflected the 'full flavour' of the lager, rather than focusing on the traditional silver/white cues that subliminally suggest a product with a weaker taste profile.”

The bold use of a deep green background ensured that the objective was cleverly achieved. However to avoid looking like a full strength lager, a clever counterbalance of imagery was introduced. The iconic Steinlager 'S' motif has been integrated to create a heroic form of light emanation and selective water spritzing adds refreshment cues to the bottle.

This deft balance of strength and lightness of touch perfectly encapsulates the product positioning and showcase the well thought-through creative process behind the work of Curios Design.


Designed by Curious Design 

Country: New Zealand

City: Auckland