Biotox Body Care looks absolutely divine. Russian agency BRANDEXPERT has created the entire visual brand image for Biotox, including the logo design, identity, and packaging for the “Fruit Collection” line.

Inspired by fresh produce like figs, oranges, and lemons, Biotox almost looks good enough to eat. Beautiful illustrations bring to life the aromatic qualities of each product with delightfully colored images. By making the fruit such an important part of the branding and packaging, it communicates that Biotox uses fresh and simple ingredients instead of a bunch of lab-created ones. Clear containers allow consumers to see the product inside, which is a lovely light hue that matches the label.

Illustrations and images create a mood or atmosphere, allowing consumers to form an emotional attachment to the brand. The orange feels bright and refreshing while the purple fig gives off a relaxing, luxurious vibe. Biotox is feminine and soft, and appears perfect for those who want to treat their skin with care.



Country: Russia

City: Moscow