The Graff Beer design family

The new Norweigan brewery, Graff Brygghus, came to the Feber Design team to create a brand for their soon to be released family of eight beers. Creating a flexible design solution was extremely important since they knew there would be high production costs involved in developing a family of beer so large. The combination of many labels to be printed and a high possibility of products changing over time needed to be accounted for. Feber Design took this into consideration and found a way to tell the brand story with simplicity and without sacrificing style. 

The Braff logo tells the story that Feber Design built the brand around. This story is based on the house that the brewery is located in, built by craftsmen in 1901. The logo shows the company name enclosed in a rectangle with building bricks being stacked up above it and a wheel icon at the top. While the beer labels only feature the logo subtly at the top of each, the wooden crates which the six packs are housed in have the logo boldy wood stamp burned onto the sides. It’s a good look against that blonde wood color. 

The label designs are linear, clean and the majority of the text is typeset at a small font size, and along a perpendicular axis. The one exception that breaks this grid is the oversized beer name, scrawled diagonally in the center of the label. The font being used for this is a decorative italic with a touch of flourish. Even with the “flourish details” this font feels heavy, strong and masculine. 

Each label has a two color palette, with black being the base color used throughout each design. The majority of the brews have a small illustration that matches the beer name placed neatly alongside the oversized name. A small decorative detail that adds just a little something extra. Red Head Red Ale of course has a red and black palette with an illustration of a Spartan staring back at your angrily. The other labels feature a range colors in order to differentiate the different flavors from one another. Nice shades of blues, browns and yellows make up the color palette, Feber Design wasn't heavy handed with color, it’s being used only as an accent. 

ith clean lines and the beer name set strongly placed front and center on each bottle, the design work for the Graff Beer Family is a good looking grouping.


Designed by Feber Design

Country: Norway

Designer: Tonje Karlsen

Illustrator: Maria G Kristiansen

Creative Director: Ørjan Haugli

Client: Graff Brygghus

Photos: Marius Fiskum & Bjørn Joachimsen