Reassembly Botanical Fragrances

The packaging design for Josée Gordon’s Reassembly Botanical Fragrances will strike you with its extreme minimalism. Yet, as minimal as the design work appears, each element is carefully crafted to reflect the story behind the brand. The Canadian design team at Glasfurd & Walker have always been known for their elegant portfolio of lifestyle work, and Reassembly’s packaging design truly shows their polished touch. 

Made in small batches, and with an attention to detail and alchemical intention, Reassembly is a luxury line of botanical fragrance oils. This unique curation of the elements and essences used in each oil inspired Glasfurd & Walker to create a constellation-themed art direction. On the front of each bottle, the fragrance name is spelled out letter by letter, placed at intermittent intervals. A thin line traces each letter together similar to how stars are mapped out to emulate a constellation of stars (the letters). 

“The luxury botanical fragrance oils are carefully aged until each composition is perfectly blended and absorbed into the organic fractionated coconut oil base.”

A classic black and white color palette is being used throughout the packaging, with the exception of a navy blue lined interior. The interior lining is a beautifully dark blue night sky with bright white stars and constellations throughout. The outside of each box is a stark white with the brand name embossed along the side, a very high end move. Glasfurd & Walker have paid attention to all the small details, which together create a simple and stately design.


Designed by Glasfurd & Walker

Client: Reassembly

Country: Canada