Sushi with attitude. RAW sushi bar takes an edgy approach designed by Futura. Heavy brushstrokes and a deconstructed look make the RAW experience one-of-a-kind.

“RAW is a sushi bar located in Kuwait. It is inspired on the traditional Japanese cuisine and their high quality standards. Our branding proposal keeps some details of this classical culture, represented by the vintage imagery. The black brushstrokes that invade some of the collateral design represents the owner, a young Kuwaiti that is also the main Chef. His education and talent allows him to offer an authentic product while he imposes his particular style on every recipe.”

Using only blacks and whites, RAW is no-nonsense. Much like the ingredients in a sushi roll are plain to see, the design is straightforward and unapologetic. The brushstrokes add texture to the branding and packaging, and also imply the care that the main Chef puts into each item. Futura also included some unique elements into the restaurant, setting RAW apart from other run-of-the-mill sushi spots.

“We used ‘Kintsugi’ for the tableware, a Japanese technic of repairing broken pottery with powdered gold, silver, or platinum. The monochromatic color scheme, the Arabic and Japanese typography selection, and the brushstrokes that form the word ‘RAW’ share a masculine personality that is countered by the delicacy of the dishes they offer.”


Designed by Futura

Country: Mexico

City: Mexico City