Before & After: McCoy Juices

Have you seen this latest juice craze? Frucor looked to Dow Design in creating a striking rebrand and packaging for McCoy, a New Zealand-based brand that continues to pave the way in the premium juice market.

McCoy is the leader of the pack, a forerunner out of the rest of its competitors. However, it was left unnoticed by a particular audience — the young foodies who are drawn to charming aesthetics with quality ingredients. The brand decided to branch out toward these gourmet food aficionados and show that they are relevant to this culture of carefully-curated dining.

The brand’s distinctive pack is all-black, complemented with gorgeous photography that highlight each flavor and the fresh fruit within the product. The vibrant color of the fresh fruit, the dynamic splash and droplets of juice — these fine details speak to anyone’s visual appetite. In addition, the logotype is bold and clean, almost to the point of edgy elegance for the modern consumer.

“The new design's commitment to authentic food values is more than pack deep. A prior partnership with renowned chef Simon Gault had proved that McCoy was the perfect match for the foodie culture. To link in with that foodie vibe, recipes have been introduced on the back of packaging in the new design, giving consumers creative new ways to use their favourite McCoy beverage.”

McCoy’s new look is definitely “The Real McCoy”: a refreshing juice drink that has an equally refreshing appearance. With its new packaging and rebrand, McCoy is going to make heads turn at grocery store aisles.


Designed by Dow Design

Client: Frucor Beverages, Ltd.

Creative Director: Donna McCort

Senior Designer: Tony Masterantonio

Account Director: Emma Johnson

Marketing Manager: Monica Yianakis

Senior Brand Manager: Joel Reichardt

Country: New Zealand