Brandy Dugladze

Just imagine sitting back, relaxing, and sipping on some of this exquisite brandy. Dochery designed the labels to unite the entire product line of long-term aged brandy produced by the company Dugladze.

“The task was to unite in one product line all the range of premium long-term aged brandy produced by the company Dugladze. Brandies with the names ‘Tbilisi,’ ‘Eniseli,’ ‘Gremi’ and ‘Vartsikhe’ (the names of the large Georgian cities) are rather widespread among the producers of strong alcoholic beverages in this region. Practically each producer has a similar product line. On the one hand, it is quite good as these names guarantee a certain taste and quality to the consumer; on the other hand, new players on the market find it rather difficult to compete with the large and old alcoholic companies when there is a necessity to make a choice between them.”

Dugladze’s brandy certainly stands out. Rich colors and fine textures give consumers an experience the more time they spend looking at the label. The hot air balloon also gives the label a magical and daring feel, almost like drinking some of the brandy is a bit of an adventure.

“As Dugladze Company is rather new player on the market of strong alcoholic beverages, it was important to reveal its essence in design of packing and to tell about a responsible approach to production. So that is how appeared the balloon with Dugladze Brothers flying above their lands and their own vinery thus controlling the production process. Thus, we expanded the color scale, habitual for the category of premium brandies to emphasize modern approach and progressiveness of the producer.”


Designed by: Dochery

Client: Dugladze Wines & Spirits

Country: Russia

City: Saint Petersburg