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In ancient Rome red symbolized blood and courage. In Middle Ages, red was the color of majesty. Today the color is widely used and can be found in nature, fashion, and design. Join The Dieline as we explore the color RED in packaging design and how it is used for aesthetic appeal. 


Coca-Cola has surely the most iconic packaging in the whole world. The shape of its bottles, the immediately recognizable logo and - on top of everything- the red of its brand are elements that are globally known and loved. Red is not only the colour of the Coca-Cola brand but it is also the name of a non-profit organisation whose mission is to help eliminate transmission of HIV, (Red)®. The partnership has been ongoing for several years, but it has now been brought to life on pack to celebrate the 100th year anniversary of the Coca-Cola bottle. 



Velo Coffee Roasters

Velo Coffee Roasters is a young, progressive wholesale roastery and cafe in Chattanooga, TN. Motivated by five years of growth in Chattanooga, but looking to expand nationally and convey improvements in coffee sourcing, they turned to Travis Hitchcock at Widgets & Stone to create a cleaner, bolder package. Two hits of white on an 18pt Auto-Bottom Tuck-End box lend a sophisticated, yet approachable feel to the box. They drew inspiration from vintage automotive and manufacturing packaging to build a cohesive, yet easily distinguishable portfolio of coffees. Blue, red, and white labels showcase the seasonal lot names, tasting notes, and roast date. To direct focus to what's inside the box (12oz. whole bean coffee in a valved and sealed bag), lot names take primary visual emphasis, even over the company's subtly updated logo. 



Wayfinder Pale Ale


Getting lost on the trail with an old friend – there’s nothing better. The air is clean and crisp under the forest canopy, golden light filtering through the lacework of leaves. A glacial cascade joins and flows with the river. You pause at a fork in the path. There’s something familiar about the plants, the wildlife. Tiger lilies stalk the trailside, a hint of sweet orange peel in the air. A whiskeyjack takes flight. You know the way. For Big Rock Brewery’s first Pale Ale brewed at their new Brewery Creek location, we decided to pay homage to the beautiful West Coast outdoors with a name and visual brand that place the beer amid coastal alpine flora and fauna. Hired Guns pushed Wayfinder into new printing territory, using full color and transparency to throw individual blades of grass and bits of bee pollen into relief against the beer itself, merging beer and brand in an unprecedented way. 



Teusner 'Big Jim' Shiraz

Apart from producing outstanding wine, Teusner Wines know how to build good business relationships. ‘Big Jim’ is a rooster aptly named after the bloke who bred him and one of Teusner’s favorite grape growers, James Wark. 

‘Big Jim’ is the perfect ambassador for the very best Shiraz grown in the Wark family’s vineyard at Stonewell in the Barossa Valley; a sub-region renowned around the globe for producing world-class Shiraz. At a $60 rrp, this single vineyard wine is positioned amongst a new breed of super premium Barossa Valley Shiraz. Cornershop worked alongside renowned artist Marnie Wark to develop a brand that reflects this positioning and appeals to its target audience.



Domino's Pizza Box Illustrations

As you sit and track your Domino’s pizza delivery online, know that you’ll have something more to look forward to than just a piping hot pizza pie. Steven Noble created the eye-catching and humorous illustrations on their new pizza boxes that include fun facts, company information, and even a word search.



Domingo Vermut

Domingo Vermut is a Spanish Red Vermouth that has taken an unconventional item of inspiration and translated it to the brand’s identity and packaging design. Created by Entretanto Brand Lab and Ladies and Gentleman (additionally in collaboration with The Water Company), the brand mimics the look of typical bar napkins. 

“Its name, Domingo (which translates to Sunday in English), is a tribute to the day par excellence of Vermouth.”



Brawny Paper Towels

Everyone’s favorite cleaning lumbersexual is back. The Brawny Man now reappears on the paper towel packaging with an air of mystery, only allowing his stubble, red and black plaid shirt, and well-defined chest to show. This new design that emphasizes Brawny’s “strength to take on tough messes” comes fromTurner Duckworth of San Francisco.

Gary Gastel, senior brand director for Brawny says, "We went back to the core of what Brawny stands for to develop a unique voice. Consumers told us this is an iconic American brand that stands for strength and resilience at an emotional level, which are attributes our consumers also use to describe themselves."


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