Concepts We Wish Were Real

Happy Friday Everyone! As you work on your finishing touches your costume for this weekend,, don't forget to check out our colorful concepts for some design inspiration. 

TRUE. High-quality chocolate


Chocolate lovers everywhere unite and savor the taste of TRUE High-Quality Chocolate. Conceptualized by Daria Ksenofontova, beautiful slabs of delicately flavored chocolate are wrapped in paper-formed boxes. Each chocolate is labeled with bold colors, typography inspired by fashion magazines, a light flying flavor composition, and a playful tiara from chocolate emphasizing the female character of the brand. 

"While working on this project I was inspired by the female nature. The True chocolate – is a story of real Femininity. The edges of taste show different sides of femininity by revealing themselves. Unpredictability, fashion mania and desire to be attractive in any situation – this is all about women. Change, be different, but still stay women. This is True femininity.  Tender Mint, Dreamy Lavender or Flirty Cherry… This is just the beginning. The story to be continued."

Designed by Daria Ksenofontova

Country: Russia


Splitz Popsicles


I don't know about you, but I like to enjoy a popsicle now and again regardless of the season. As the fall season comes around, what better way to reminisce about Summer than with colorful Splitz Popsicles. Designed by Wylee Sanderson, unique dual flavored pops are kept cool in neon-colored boxes. Decorated with a polka-dot pattern, each box is wrapped with a white label that displays nutritional information alongside some infographics. 

"Splitz Popsicles is a student project created for a Package Design class. Each Splitz Popsicle is molded in house at a steady 29° and cast with only the finest imported fruits from across the world. They are proudly crafted and hand poured in Chicago, IL. Sometimes, when you're enjoying a little treat, two flavors are better than one."

Designed by Wylee Sanderson

Photography of Model: Wylee Sanderson
Model: McKenna Sanderson
Photography of Packaging: McKenna Sanderson

Country: United States


Smith The Barber Shave Cream


Grooming for every man is essential. There are many products out there to do the job, but not all of them have exceptional packaging. For Yang Ripol Design Studio , when designing a men's grooming line it was essential to create a concept that would stand out on the shelves and with Smith the Barber, they did just that. Inspired by old fashioned barber shop rotating signage, shaving cream tubes are adorned with diagonal strips.  "We have adapted this motive with a sweeping motion to suggest the curve and dynamics of the original moving feature." 

The overall design is minimal and playful, targeting a male audience in their 20s and early 30s. 

Designed by Yang Ripol Design Studio

Country: United Kingdom

Deliplus Portable Wet Wipes


Deliplus personal care. Structural and graphic design for a range of portable wet wipes. 

THE CHALLENGE: To design the structural packaging for a personal care product regarding to enhance the portability and durability of it. We found that the problem with the actual portable version of the packaging is that it do not last long in a woman's purse -for example- causing the wipes to get dirty and dry too soon. 

THE SOLUTION: To design a portable and refillable device that keeps the product inside safe from being damaged or dried. A thermoformed plastic body and silicon and flexible cap, makes it resistant and easy to carry everywhere. It also has a rubber string that can be attached to anything in order to always have the wipes within reach. 
The graphic proposal was thought to reach women's interest, making it very simple and clean, with bright colors gradients and using positive and nice quotes.

Designed by Loreley Videla / Alejandro Londoño / Valentina Uribe

Country: Spain


Hermana Craft Beer


Hermana is a craft beer inspired by the rich local art from different countries in america. The brand name suggests that we can all be brothers, celebrating it next to a mug of beer. The package design was directed to a creative direction using typographic elements with lot of weight and originality, differing among themselves through artistic styles and color palette. The typography of the logo has been specially designed from scratch to make the single brand. Each beer refers to a bit of your country, from its visual appeal to your taste. If Hermana could speak a war cry, it would be "all for the beer."

Designed by Alexandre Fontes

Graphic Designers: Alexandre Fontes and Renata Venturini
Product Designer: Clarissa Silveira
Instructor: Sandro Fetter

Country: Brazil


Red Bull


In a busy environment where brands are all over the place colors are everywhere millions and millions of different brands with different colors with all this mass your product should be always new always fresh new vision the keeps the feeling of the first time u have your first red bull. 
Our product you wish it was real we wish the brands keep evolving and always keeps the amazing feeling of drinking your first red bull. 
Our way of branding focused on changing red bull to all natural resources with new flashing colors makes it stand in the crowd we make it sleek with a bit of mastery the look and feel of the new design make you seek for grabbing the new for seeing the full design. 
By having the new red bull your drink will stand like no other with all new flashy colors. 
Hope you like and enjoy our wishing and always keep our wish with someday it might come true.

Designed by Alaa AYASH

Country: Istanbul