The Real Trix Rabbit

Cats rule, dogs drool—but what about bunnies? While not the average pet to own, bunny rabbits may just get their time in the spotlight. That’s right, the search for the real Trix rabbit is on.

The competition and campaign, cleverly created by McCann, is a search for Trix’s new poster rabbit and will run on limited-run boxes in the winner’s hometown. Getting General Mills’ social media buzzing, contestants can use the hashtag #RealTrixRabbit to enter and scope out the competition. This gives General Mills a modern edge, putting them on top of trends and getting more involved with their audience while promoting a great and positive change to their products.

Trix, Cocoa Puffs, Golden Grahams, and other cereals from General Mills will not longer use artificial colors or flavors, which is exactly what the contest promotes. By December 2017, all of the company’s cereals will be free of artificial colors and flavors.

Steve Bruch, General Mills’ associate marketing director, discusses the judging criteria: “One is creativity. We also are looking for a good representation of the Trix Rabbit and the brand itself. Last, we want a bunny or a pet with bunny ears, whatever it might be, to really look cute and fun."

Steve adds, “We hope consumers can appreciate and celebrate what we’re doing by removing artificial flavors and colors from artificial sources, because ultimately we’re making this change for them. They’ve been asking for these improvements on our product and we feel like we cracked the code to still make fun, vibrant colors. So this contest is a great way to celebrate the Trix Rabbit, and the milestone that by January 2016, Trix and 75 percent of our Big G cereals will be free of artificial flavors and colors from artificial sources.”


Designed by: McCann

Country: United States

City: New York, NY