The Merchants of Chai

A warm chai made with truly fresh ingredients is a special thing. It might seem that a chai is just the same as any other chai, but handmade and premium ingredients make such a difference. The Merchants of Chai takes the fresh ingredients for a delicious chai and packages it for sale in Europe. The packaging, designed by Sebastian Bednarek, expresses the luxury that the product provides while making it a perfect addition to the kitchen.

“The Merchants of Chai produces fresh Masala Chai for sale in specialty coffee shop and contemporary restaurants across Europe. Their unique selling point is that chai they produces is fresh; a hand blended mix of black tea and spices. The Merchants of Chai strives to give customers something superior to commonly known chai which comes from powder: our product is hand-made, fresh, artisan and flavoursome.”

Using a midnight black and rich hues to coordinate with each flavor, The Merchants of Chai appears slightly enigmatic and lavish. Colors almost look like they were lightly sprayed onto the packaging, a reminder of the care that goes into the spices and tea leaves of the product. The packaging remains accessible to consumers, though, in familiar mason jars, resealable bags, and cork-top bottles. The Merchants of Chai answers the prayers of those hoping to be able to make their own amazing chai at home, and the packaging reflects a tenderly created product that will improve the lives of the buyers.


Designed by Sebastian Bednarek

Country: Poland