House of Hazelwood

This packaging for House of Hazelwood is almost too elegant to be real. The line of Scotches, all with different tasting notes, is inspired by the late Janet Sheed Roberts and the vibrant life she led. Roberts resided in Hazelwood House, an Art Deco home close to The Glenfiddich distillery, and from this William Grant & Sons has released three Scotch drinks, each inspired by different cities that were at the forefront of the Art Deco movement: Paris, Mumbai, and Shanghai.

Each whiskey features Girvan and Kinivie, both distilleries that Roberts loved, as well as liquid from the family’s private collection. Brian Kinsman, master blender, adds, “Janet Sheed Roberts was an elegant woman and I wanted to create a whisky that would celebrate her extraordinary spirit. I am deeply proud of House of Hazelwood 25-year-old. It has allowed me to create an exquisitely rare blended whisky, rich is Scotch tradition, combined with all the inventive artistry which Shanghai in the 1920s inspires.”

The bold, geometric aesthetic and gold and turquoise hues are divine. House of Hazelwood comes in 18, 21, and 25 year-old, each with its own unique characteristics. The 18 year-old, for example, is inspired by Paris and uses a soft, almost minty hue with elegant lines. The 21 year-old draws on references from Mumbai, using an electric teal and a mix of patterns. The 25 year-old has vanilla and spice notes, and its packaging is polished with a bit of mystery.


Designed by William Grant & Sons

Country: United Kingdom