Whether it’s used to start the day with it or simply as some mid-day fuel out of the 3 o’clock slump, people are serious about their coffee. The Bavarian Roasting Company is a small manufacturer of premium coffee. When they started, they focused on only three kinds of coffees, aiming to create less but to do it with perfection. Studio Stefanowitsch created the branding for The Bavarian Roasting Company, allowing them to expand from their local cafe, Café Baroco, and increase their audience reach.

“We wanted to capture their philosophy but also play with their catchy nickname. We developed a dual system consisting of a long and a short version of their nickname. The two versions are connected by the same typeface but also, and more importantly, by three dots, one for each of the three coffees they started with. In the long version, the dots abbreviate the full company name, making the origin of the nickname obvious. In the short version, they transform into ellipses, stating: we started small, but there is a lot more to come.”

“Klim‘s Tiempos (Headline and Text) is the one and only typeface we use. It is wonderful: modern and elegant with a timeless touch to it. It works equally well for headlines and for copy text and builds the visual foundation of the whole identity. Our main color is Pantone Cool Gray 11 U. It is timeless and elegant. The secondary colors are Pantone Orange 021 U and Pantone Blue 072 U. The orange emits freshness and has a strong association with food. The blue feels chic but is unobtrusive.”


Designed by Studio Stefanowitsch

Country: Germany