J. of Hearts

Well, look at this fun little deck of playing cards! Quite a style departure from the usual decks out there. The J. OF HEARTS deck of cards was designed by Ioana J. Alfa from Greece, and created as a giftable item. With a simple color palette and playful illustrations of outer space life, they are a kitschy little gift item for sure. 

Starting with the J. OF HEARTS logo, you can see this uber modern interpretation of the spade, diamond, heart and club icons. The logo features the typeset name J. OF HEARTS, with the 4 suit icons sitting beneath it and then enclosed in a rectangular line shape. Easy, modern and simple. 

“The deck of cards consists of the usual suspects needed for almost every card game, as well as special tichu cards.”

Minimalistic, thin line illustrations of satellites, space shuttles, planets and all things space related, make up a patterning used on the backside of each card. The front side of each card features a single icon pulled from the pattern and the card value. The “outer space” concept was conceived by the designer as she feels it depicts the new universe she is living in. Kinda “far out” I suppose. 

The cards have been designed with only three colors – black, blue and red, using tints of both the blue and red (pink) to extend the palette. The outer packaging for each deck comes in a variety of designs, all with similar styles that keep within the J. OF HEARTS brand of course. Thank you Ioana J. Alfa for investing the money to print both sides of the paper, which gives us the lovely detail of each pack being lined with the outer space pattern. And, I particularly like the usage of a full color bleed, with the illustrations reversed out in white. A detail I don’t see being used elsewhere. 

The packaging design for the J. OF HEARTS deck of cards is an outer space tour. Made up of the moon, stars and planets, telescopes and space shuttles – the designs are catchy and fun, a great concept all around.


Designed by Ioana J. Alfa

Country: Greece

City: Athens