Sileni Estates NANO

Wherever you are or wherever you want to be, you can take Sileni Estates NANO with you. The single-serve award-winning wine comes in unbreakable packaging, so it’s the ultimate addition to festivals, outdoor, beach, and barbeque events.

“Here in our sunny Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand home, we’re dedicated to three things: good wine, good food, and good company. But we wanted to take it further – we wanted you to enjoy good wine, in good company and alongside good food, wherever you were. So Sileni NANO was born. It’s our beautiful, award-winning wine, but in single-serve, unbreakable packaging. The perfect partner to your event, festival and outdoors lifestyle, Sileni NANO comes in a 100% recyclable, all-in-one wine bottle with clip on glass – the first of its kind in the world. It’s also leak-proof, perfect for throwing into bags – simply serve and enjoy, at a festival, on the beach, camping...We’re sure the Sileni – Greek demi-gods committed to indulgence – would approve too.”

Sileni Estates CEO, Graeme Avery, adds, “We’ve been working on this product for more than four years. We were unable to find a package we were happy with locally, so we’ve invested in a joint-venture with leading French producer Paul Sapin. For us it was essential to ensure the package was unbreakable, fully recyclable and most importantly, would guarantee the wine tasted great when it reached consumers.”

The clear bottle has UV-light absorbing capabilities, and an oxygen scavenger that is only activated upon opening. This allows for NANO to have a year-long shelf life. A screw top lets buyers to enjoy part of the bottle and save for later. Colorful labels look lovely alongside the wines—a light pink rose and deep red pinot noir—and the geometric jumble of different hues feels youthful. The bottle shape is also cleverly designed just like a wine bottle, making it easy to spot and lets buyers immediately know what the product is.

Avery mentions, “We wanted a shape that consumers would immediately recognize as wine.So we mainly just made a change to allow the cup to clip onto it. A picture tells a thousand words, and an object even more, so people can pick up the bottle and say, ‘Yeah, it’s got a cup on it as well, isn’t that cool.’”

He continues, “The biggest challenge has been convincing consumers that wine in PET can be good quality. We sell premium-quality wine that is award-winning and has international acclaim.”


Designed by: Sileni Estates, Paul Sapin

Country: New Zealand