Purple is the color of good judgment. It is said if you surround yourself with purple you will have peace of mind. Purple is a good color to use in meditation. This week we explore this color used in various packaging designs. Let us know what project's your favorite.

The Marshmellowist


Marshmallows are white and puffy clouds of sugar that add an extra touch to hot chocolate and s’mores. They are generally overlooked, seen more as a basic garnish than an actual treat. Now, marshmallows finally have their chance in the spotlight — complete with a new look and some fresh flavors. The Marshmallowist teamed up with Veronica Lethorn and Eve Warren in order to create some colorful packaging for the London-based luxury brand.



Café Royal Eiskaffee

With cold brew’s increasing popularity, this new line of iced coffees certainly makes an impression. Sold as pre-made beverages, Café Royal uses Swiss roasted coffee for their brews. Studio Schoch designed the branding and packaging with an idea that comes off as equally striking and playful. 

“Delica AG launches new the ready-to-drink cups and rises as one in the iced coffees segment. For this, the brand design is to be made. The Lion, the hallmark, exudes the bold and stylish attributes of the brand Café Royal and is used here playfully. The illustrations show at first glance the character of the type of coffee — for the Extra Strong with guarana and caffeine, Extra advertises a crisp lion man, and on the Caramel smiles a pretty girl lion.”



Cadbury Halloween Cakes

One of the best things about Halloween is that it lets the child in us come out to play. For Cadbury’s Halloween Cakes, they turned to Robot Food to create something perfect for the spooky season.

“Premier Foods wanted to create a spookier, more thrilling Cadbury’s Halloween experience. Robot Food brought their existing range back for the scary season with some devilishly good design. Halloween is a prime opportunity for brands to unleash their imagination and delight consumers. In need of inspiration, Premier Foods asked Robot Food for some innovative thinking to breathe new life and seasonal taste appeal into Cadburys Halloween cake range.”



Botran & Co


Part of what makes going to a cocktail bar so enjoyable is watching skilled bartenders at work. Now, you can be that talented mixologist in the comfort of your own home. Casa Botran, the traditional Guatemalan Rum house, wanted to create something extra special for their 75th anniversary, so Botran & Co has released a set of rums that is “an invitation to co-creation.” They hope that it acts as a tribute to bartenders, mixology, and empowers buyers to try their hand at mixing up new drinks.

Joao Paulo Oliveira, Appartement 103’s Head of Business Development states, “We understand that Casa Botran is the first rum maker to release a product that allows the consumers to define the flavour profile of the rum in such a customisable way. Therefore, our creative team was thrilled to bring this ritual concept to life by developing a solution that highlights the heritage as well as the contemporary vision of the company in producing refined aged rums. It’s a unique journey, immersing the consumers into the magical art of mixology.”



Nina Mura Snacks

When Muru Boutique Creative began working on the packaging for Nina Muru Snacks, they had only two things: a logo and an interesting product. The company produces Giant Peruvian Corn Snacks, and Muru Boutique Creative wanted to create packaging that would situate the brand as a premium snack choice perfect for sharing with others, while also highlighting its Peruvian origins.




Biotox Body Care looks absolutely divine. Russian agency BRANDEXPERT has created the entire visual brand image for Biotox, including the logo design, identity, and packaging for the “Fruit Collection” line.

Inspired by fresh produce like figs, oranges, and lemons, Biotox almost looks good enough to eat. Beautiful illustrations bring to life the aromatic qualities of each product with delightfully colored images. By making the fruit such an important part of the branding and packaging, it communicates that Biotox uses fresh and simple ingredients instead of a bunch of lab-created ones. Clear containers allow consumers to see the product inside, which is a lovely light hue that matches the label.



Audrey Hepburn was right when she said, “Paris is always a good idea.” Courvoisier just hosted an official launch event at The Eiffel Tower this past week, that recreated aspects of a stylish party held in 1889 that celebrated the opening of the French landmark. Announcing a new brand identity and Eiffel Tower-inspired packaging, the focus was on the Belle Époque, or the Golden Age, which took place in Paris from 1870 to 1914. It was a time when the arts, culture, architecture, design, and industry thrived.


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